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CameraAbhoy and His Creation

Dr. Abhoy Nath Ganguly (1942) a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the Calcutta University (1968) is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Chartered Chemist (UK). As an academician he carried out Post Doctoral Research work on drug development at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. His long professional career consisted primarily of Research and Development work which later on was coupled with corporate responsibilities. He retired as Factory Manager from M/S Organon (India) Ltd., a multinational pharmaceutical company. Armidst the various challenges, stress and strain of busy corporate life, the artist within him was never asleep. He continued to practice photography to satisfy his own passion for more than three decades.

He has been associated with PAD from 1975 when he first came under the tutelage of Benu Sen, and since then there has been no looking back. He received his Diploma in Photography from PAD in 1982. He was bestwed the "Associateship" (ARPS) from the Royal Photographic Society (UK) in 1986. He received the distinction "Artiste FIAP" (AFIAP) in 1986 and "Excellence FIAP" (EFIAP) in 2005 from Federation Internationale De L' Art Photographique (affiliated to UNESCO). He was admitted to the Fellowship of Federation of Indian Photography in 2005. He has also completed Judges' Training course from PAD in 1987. At present he is a member of the executive committee and a faculty member of this organization. He is the co-author of two of the books published by PAD. He has served as a member of the jury in several national and international salons. He has more than 150 acceptances in different salons spread over various countries in different continents to his credit. Some of his work has been awarded honours and medals from different national and international salons.

His creations depict a wide range of thoughts, realization, emotions and techniques perfectly framed through his camera. A perfect blend of knowledge and skill makes his work a class apart. A creation by an artist is the mirror of his soul and so the mind of an artist; and this sensibility can be seen easily from Abhoy's work. A believer of the ideals of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Ganguly's sound knowledge of varied subjects including Indian mythology, Indian art, Chemical science. Sanskrit etc gives a lot of depth to all his creations and provokes the viewers to think beyond the obvious... We get to explore our well known wrold with him -- from the mountain cliff to the endless sea, from the desert to the metropolis. His work takes us through the mealities of a villager, the ecstasy of a child, the contrast of life as well as the mysteries of the abstracts. Dr. Ganguly's presentations have an aesthetic touch and make the onlooker ponder over the eternal bearty, only with the touch of the Absolute Truth.

Abhoy (i.e. Boldness) has all qualities of boldness that are needed to become a true pictorialist - Urge for creation, Power of observation, Aesthetic sense, Knowledge of proporation, Imagination, Technical perfection, Determination and Purity of the soul.

His journey from classical frame to the world of mixed media is not only admirable but also very motivating. In spite of many laurels won, even to-day he is an ardent learner ready to toil for excellence and keen to move on with the time.

Dr. Abhoy Nath Ganguly's creation will be a visual treat to the photo loving people of Kolkata and they will surely be charmed and enjoy the beauty of pictorial photography where lyric, beauty and sobriety converge to elevate the soul with his holy and spritual idealism.

Home || The Living Legend || Susanta and His Creation || Abhoy and His Works
Publications || Notable Achievements || Honour Holders || Contact

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