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  13th International Conference on photography during 23-27th January 2027  *
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CameraThe Honour Holders of PAD

PAD is a band of dedicated Photo Art Lovers whose only aim is - spread of
Photographic Art and Science. It is the single largest group of Photographic
Honours holders is India with 1 Hon. EFIAP, 2 MFIAP, 3 FRPS, 3 ESFIAP, 16 EFIAP, 24 AFIAP,
7 ARPS, 1 Hon. FPAD, 1 Hon. FNPAS, 1 Hon. FBPS, 1 FNPAS, 1 Hon. JIPS, 1 Hon.
FCOS, 1 AIFPO, and a number of FFIP and AFIP.

It's jewels are